Adopt Cats


Meet Sinatra. This sweet boy is young cat, we don’t know his exact age, but suspect that he is around a year or so old. Though a little shy at first, Sinatra is very friendly, loving and curious of other animals. Sinatra has come to us very recently, and set up to begin his Vetting in early December 2021. Due to his background, it is preferable that he remain an Indoor Only cat. All that Sinatra really needs is a lot of love from some people that are willing to be patient with him while he comes out of his shell.

This is Lil Bit and his dear friend Ms. Skipper

Lil Bit unfortunately suffered an injury which left him with a broken back, which will likely never quite heal correctly. This sad injury has left Lil Bit incontinent, and in need of special diapers. Lil Bit is a sweetheart with a lot of love to give, and is required to be and Indoor Only cat, along with his dear sweet friend Ms. Skipper. Skipper is a sweet kitten that has formed a bond with Lil Bit and must accompany him into his new home. The two are quite the pair and in need of a lot of love, some special care, and a warm home.


This sweet girl is Jilly. She was brought to us with a terrible Botfly hole in the side of her head. After months of treatment, with oral and topical antibiotics, we are extremely pleased to announce that she has completely healed up. Jilly is very loving, very friendly, and is looking for a new family that will offer as much love as she will!

Looking for a home for these 2 boys. Boston is 3 and MacArthur is 2 and a half. They are looking for a home with patient people who understand cats can be nervous and scared. They sleep on our bed and let us pet them. They love it, but they are on their terms. I got Boston when he was 4 weeks old, still nursing he came in with his mother and siblings from a barn. MacArthur came in one day as a medical recovery after having his tail amputated due to somebody trying to skin him. He also meows like a goat because his vocal cords were damaged. So as their foster Mom I have been trying to find someone who understands that they need a lot of TLC but are so sweet and just want to be loved. They are both fine with other cats and dogs. If you will keep them as indoor cats only and provide a patient home and keep us updated on them, they deserve the chance.